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Gather materials. Build a house. Make a sword. Survive the night. Defend yourself against a wave of asteroids. Befriend a zombie. Hide in a fridge.

0x45 The Videogame is your typical procedurally generated survival game with a couple of unique twists.

Every couple of in-game days, you'll come across a challenge, which will drive you to build better and stronger constructions. A wave of asteroids is coming? Build a stronger roof. A killer heatwave is approaching? Hide in a deep cave. Or store tons of water in a cooler. Or hide in the cooler!

Befriend rare passive monsters so they can assist you in combat!

Dig your way all the way down to hell!

Build your way all the way up to heaven!

YOU decide.



The game is available for free and will remain so until version 0.1.0. However, any donations will allow me to work on the game more and are much appreciated!

In development

Because the game is still in active development, very few of the features are as of yet actually implemented. Check back for more updates!


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0x45 The Videogame v0.0.6.zip 11 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.5.zip 22 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.5_PRERELEASE.zip 11 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.4.zip 11 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.3.zip 11 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.2.zip 11 MB
0x45 The Videogame v0.0.1.zip 11 MB

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Nice Game, but there is a bug, V0.0.6      When you place an wood block on grass, all grass blocks under the trees in ur view get´s transformed into dirt